The Legal Path to Sustainable Development: Law and Development Training Programme 2022

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A4ID’s law and development training programme (LDTP) provides lawyers with an in-depth understanding of the issues at the heart of the sustainable development agenda, how these relate to their everyday work, and how legal professionals can improve the advice given to their clients on issues relating to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our 6 module programme, delivered by global experts in the field of law and development, provides lawyers with an in-depth understanding of the issues at the heart of the sustainable development agenda, and importantly how the SDGs relate to their everyday work and their clients’ business.

A Programme to Become a Champion of the Sustainability Agenda
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Different prices will apply depending on whether you are participating from a law firm, development organisation or are self-funded.

Registered Legal and Development Partners of A4ID will benefit from a 10% discount of all prices.

The prices of single modules at the checkout are for Law firms - discount codes should be applied to access the relevant price applicable to you.

Full Course (6 Modules) Single Module
Law Firm

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Development Organisation

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Self-funded  Participants £770 £140

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An Introduction to the Law and Development Training Programme

A4ID’s Law and Development Training Programme has gained a reputation for excellence since its launch in 2006. Bringing together experts in law and development, this course provides a unique perspective for lawyers who wish to advance their understanding of the impact of their own work in the context of the bigger picture. Hundreds of legal professionals have attended this programme since 2006, and they have gained insight into the implications of their work on the broader development agenda and its potential impact on wider society.

A4ID are invested in bringing together the law and development sectors to promote sustainable development across the globe. The focus of this year’s programme will link course content directly with the SDG Agenda and A4ID's SDG Legal Initiative. As a call to action to the global legal profession to work towards sustainability, the legal initiative will provide analysis, tips and key actions of how this can be achieved in practice. You can access the A4ID Legal Initiative here.

A growing number of businesses are now building in a commitment to support sustainability as part of their mission and strategy. The LDTP enables legal professionals to harness the law and work alongside their clients to meet these needs. Aimed at lawyers across the entire sector, at all stages of their career, the LDTP will allow you to learn more about the core thematic areas of the SDGs, placing a lens on the specific targets of each goal and how these can be achieved.

If you champion the achievement of the SDGs, and want to work alongside your clients to improve sustainable development across the globe, this programme will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to do so in the most effective way possible.

Continuing to run the programme in a virtual format allows A4ID to bring in a diverse range of speakers to contribute to the programme, as well as providing access to past recordings of sessions

I look forward to welcoming you to our enhanced law and development training programme: I am sure you will find it highly engaging as well as professionally and personally enriching.

Yasmin Batliwala MBE
Chief Executive, A4ID

Why should I take this course?

LDTP 2022 will encourage participants to learn how to harness the law to meet the needs of a growing number of clients who are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of sustainability frameworks. The programme will focus on the core themes of the SDGs, pursuing the development of specific targets for each goal and how these can be achieved through legal practice.

Running from May to November 2022 across 6 full Saturdays, the programme will offer an opportunity for legal professionals to engage in expert lectures, work with peers for networking and shared learning, and explore real life case studies on sustainability. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to engage in a range of other optional activities.   

Feedback From Previous Attendees

This course has been very valuable for our lawyers, providing them with an in-depth understanding of the issues at the heart of the sustainable development agenda; and crucially how the SDGs relate to their everyday work and our clients’ business.

Senior Responsible Business & Social Impact Manager, CMS
The course has provided me a better knowledge base to advocate within, and engage with, my current law firm to find ways for us all to be more mindful of these issues in private practice, and the practical applications for lawyers and clients alike.

As a commercial lawyer I want to understand how my skill set can lend to development work. The course made it clear how my job and my specific skill set is transferable and what I can do in my actual day-to-day job to improve engagement in these issues.

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